1865 Johnson’s Roman Empire, Imperium, Romanorum Latissime Patens

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By: Alvin Jewett Johnson and Ward

Date: 1865 (published) New York

Dimensions: 13 x 20.25 inches (33 cm x 51 cm)

This authentic antique map is a lovely example of Johnson and Ward’s publication of the Roman Empire as it was in its heyday, showing the width and breadth to which it had extended its reach. We see that it covered most of Europe, the Middle East and portions of North Africa. Roman cities flourished throughout the Empire, the remains of which are famous tourist destinations today. The arts flourished and some of the world’s most beautiful mosaics were created when the Empire was at its zenith and are to be seen in far flung reaches of its former territories.

Though the Western Empire fell to Germanic invaders in the fifth century, it is often forgotten that the Eastern Empire, Byzantium, survived till 1453 when its last bastion, Constantinople and a bit of territory in its vicinity were overrun by Fatih Mehmet (Conqueror Mehmet), who had been obsessed with seizing it since a child. Ironically, he accomplished this feat by employing the services of a specialist whom the Byzantines had rejected, who supervised the manufacture of the very cannons which allowed the Turks to blast holes in and breach the Great Walls of Constantinople.

Condition: This map is in A condition with even light toning. Printed on good, heavy paper with original wide borders, a minor centerfold separation has been repaired with archival material on the verso.

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