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1657 Delin: Obsidionis Cracoviae,a Polonis et Austriacis Formatae ac Consumatae Augusto M.D.C.LVII.

1657 Delin: Obsidionis Cracoviae,a Polonis et Austriacis Formatae ac Consumatae Augusto M.D.C.LVII.

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By: Affeita Isidor

Date: 1657

Dimensions: 11.75 x 15 inches (30 cm x 38 cm)

This is a simple yet compelling authentic antique map by the Italian architect Isidor Affeita which depicts the Polish city of Krakow at the time of a siege which took place during the historical period commonly known as ‘The Deluge’. This was the climax of a series of wars that took place in Poland-Lithuania in the mid -17th century, and which was chronicled by Nobel recipient Henryk Sienkiewicz’s famous work of the same name. The map creates a strong impression in its simple beauty, which shows all the landmarks of 17th century Krakow.

The period leading up to the Deluge was a time of prosperity and indulgence for much of the Polish upper class, including the royals. Poland’s neighbors viewed the laxity of the government as an opportunity to invade and divide the spoils, which is precisely what took place. Much of what was lost during the Deluge was dispersed throughout Europe, never to be returned to Poland.

Due to this time of upheaval, Poland has few architectural edifices predating the Baroque era. Significant losses results include Polish and Lithuanian state records, the Royal Library, Warsaw’s palaces, castles and churches most of which were robbed and many destroyed.

Condition: This map is in B+ condition with a minor separations that have been reinforced with archival material on the verso, minor abrasion (repaired) and thinning of the paper resulting in two minuscule cracks in the upper right quadrant, also repaired with archival material.

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