Antique Map of the Northern California and Oregon Coastline by: Vancouve 1799

1799 Cote nord-ouest de l'Amerique Reconnue... Cap Vancouver I Partie

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By: George Vancouver  

Date: 1799  

Dimensions: 11 x 8.75 inches (28 cm x 22.2 cm)  

This beautifully engraved map featuring the coastal topography from Point Arena to just below the mouth of the Columbia River. Mount Hood is one of the few geographical features delineated inland in this series of maps. During the summers of 1792-94, George Vancouver and the crew of the British naval ships Discovery and Chatham mapped the northwest coast of North America from Baja California to Alaska. Vancouver's voyage was the last, and longest, of the great Pacific voyages of the late eighteenth century. Taking the art and technique of distant voyaging to a new level, Vancouver eliminated the possibility of a Northwest Passage and his remarkably precise surveys completed the outline of the Pacific.  
Today Vancouver is memorialized by Vancouver Island, which he discovered, the Hudson Bay Company's Fort Vancouver, the city of Vancouver, Vancouver Peninsula Australia, Mount Vancouver, the 8th highest mountain in Canada, Vancouver Bay in Jervis Inlet, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. For his 250th birthday, the Canada Post issued a special postage stamp in his honor.  

Condition: This map is in B condition with light foxing on much of the map.

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