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Maieriches Relief der Schweizer und angranzenden Alpen, Switzerland, Swiss, Alps, Mountains, etching, engraving, 19th Century, Antique map

1850 Maieriches Relief der Schweizer und angranzenden Alpen.

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By: F W Delkeskamp

Date: 1850 (Published) Frankfurt am Main.

Dimensions: 24 x 55.5 inches (61 x 141 cm)

Switzerland and the adjoining Alps are the focal point of this grand folding map by Delkeskamp. Published in 1850, the map ranks among the most highly detailed of all maps of Switzerland and the Alps. Inside the front cover is a lovely small colored map of Switzerland with the following inscription in French, German and English. ‘General View of the Picturesque Relief of the Alps of Schwitzerland and its boundaries…'

Delkeskamp depicts virtually everything of note in the Swiss Alps, including place names, geographical features, lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls and rivulets in painstaking detail. Buildings within tiny villages, and larger towns and cities are evident as are chalets and castles high in the mountains. Elevations of lakes, mountains and towns are all indicated. Glaciers such as the renowned and often deadly Steinberg, a favorite for modern-day expert skiers and snowboarders, are noted. The famed waterfall of the Schmadribach is in full view, where the water emerges from the glacier in such volume as to be hurled to a depth of 200 feet, with the vapor rising from it forming a magnificent arch. Nearby the azure ice of the Tschingel Glacier rises perpendicularly. The panorama of mountains and glaciers depicted by Delkeskamp produces a profound impression of the grandeur of the Alps.

Condition: This magnificent folding map in its original non-detachable cover is in A condition.

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