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Carte D’un Nouveau Monde ... By: Louis Hennepin Date: 1683 (1698) (Published) Utrecht Size: 11.25 x 18.5 inches - Antique, Vintage, Rare, Map of North America

1638 (1698) Carte D’un Nouveau Monde, entre le Nouveau Mexique, et la Mer Glacialle Novellement decouvert par le R.P. Louis Hennepin...

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By: Louis de Hennepin

Date: 1683 (1698) (Published) Utrecht

Dimensions: 11.25 x 18.5 inches (28.6 cm x 47 cm)

This authentic antique map is an extremely rare second edition of Louis de Hennipin’s map of North America, which incorporates many of the discoveries omitted by Hennepin in the first edition of his map (1683), and uses reports of Robert La Salle’s journey from the Niagara Falls region through the Illinois Company and the Upper Mississippi. It was engraved by Gaspar Bouttats and dedicated to King William III of England. This rare second edition shows the continuation of La Salle’s explorations farther south to the Lower Mississippi River, with both the Ohio and Missouri rivers included. Other important additions are the Hudson Bay and an inset map of Terre De Iesso, with a land bridge to California.

In 1672, La Salle met the Governor of Canada, who sent him to France to negotiate a monopoly of the fur trade. La Salle returned on the same ship as Father Louis Hennepin, a Friar headed for New France. He hired Hennepin to serve as Chaplain at Fort Frontenac, from where La Salle and Hennepin hoped to open up the west. This resulted in the exploration of an enormous amount of territory, and the naming of lakes and other features, most names surviving to modern times. Following their expedition, Hennepin returned to France where he published his first book in January 1683, with later editions in 1684 and 1688. This edition of Hennepin’s map is extremely rare.

Condition: This map is in A condition. A tear in the lower left quadrant has been expertly repaired with archival material on the verso. The map has been folded, obviously kept in the volume in which it was published, and has no toning. Minor spotting on the verso.

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