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Nouveau Plan de Moscou By: G.L. De Laveau Date: 1824-1826 (circa) Size: 23 x 31 inches (53.3 cm x 78.7cm) - Authentic, Antique, Rare, Map of Moscow

1824 Nouveau Plan de Moscou

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By: G.L. De Laveau

Date: 1824

Dimensions: 23 x 31 inches (53.3 cm x 78.7cm)

This lovely rare authentic antique traveler’s folding guide of Moscow by G.L. De Laveau is dated 1824, a mere twelve years following Napoleon’s invasion, the destruction of much of the city by fire, and Napoleon’s forced, catastrophic retreat to the West in the dead of winter.

An attractive and practical guide for the visitor to Moscow, this detailed, annotated map, was finely engraved by F.Kaiser. The map, in particularly attractive original hand colour, delineates the twenty districts of the city within the outer walls, and, in its design, gives a sense of the growth of the city in stages from the early building of the Kremlin up to 1824. Parks and forested areas are indicated, The Kremlin and its magnificent toothed walls are depicted in detail.

The map shows how little the city center has changed in the last two hundred years, with regions and roads just as they were at the time the map was made. A visitor today could orient himself easily within the confines of the regions featured in the map.

The map has both titles and key in printed both Russian and French, and phonetically Europeanized Russian text. The map folds, with a little wear at some creases. A charming and rare early nineteenth century plan of the city.

Condition: This map is in B condition. Some uneven toning is present and a section of the upper right hand corner has toned darker than the other sections. The map has been backed by linen which is not contemporary with the map itself.

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