1822 Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Jamaica

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By: Henry Charles Carey and Isaac Lea

Date: 1822 (published) Philadelphia

Dimensions: 22.25 x 17.5 inches (56.5 x 44.4 cm)

This map was published in Philadelphia in Henry Carey and Isaac Lea’s “Complete Historical, Chronological and Geographical American Atlas” in 1822. Many of the original map drawings were drawn by Fielding Lucas, one of the earliest successful map-publishers in Baltimore.

This map of Jamaica is artfully done with great attention to detail. Noted throughout the map are multiple military fort and barracks locations still occupied by the British in 1822. Dotting the landscape are also parishes, some of which remain from earlier Spanish settlement by way of Columbus. Trelawney Parish is marked, being particularly notable as the site of the rebellious maroon community during the Second Maroon War. Bisecting the island is the “Great Ridge of the Blue” which is lovingly detailed. With ports, towns, and military structures noted, this map is densely packed with information of historical significance, bringing to life the “Land of Wood and Water.”

Adjacent to the map lies various topographical, historical, and statistical data. This includes the entire Historical Sketch of the Island, noting in strong language the British’s, “violation of honour and humanity” in fighting the Second Maroon War.

Condition: This is an A rated map. There is a slight centerfold separation on the very bottom of the map, as well as the very top. However, it does not disturb the image or the text. In all, this map is attractively colored and maintained great clarity.

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