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1959 Geological Highway Map of Texas

1959 Geological Highway Map of Texas

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By: Philip F. Oetking

Date: 1959 (Published) 1958 edition

Dimensions: 28 x 37 inches (71 cm x 93.9 cm)

This folding road map backed by linen was adapted by Philip F. Oetking from the ‘Geological Map of Texas’ from 1958 and a bulletin by the University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology from 1933.

The upper center quadrant of the map shows a ‘Generalized Chart of Time and Rock Units of Texas, from the Cenozoic, Mesozoic and Paleozoic eras, with each designation delineated into System, Series, Group and Formation. The left upper quadrant is filled by a color-coded legend which is yet another chart of geologic systems, broken down into detailed descriptions of the rock formations themselves.

The wide swathes of color throughout the state not only show geologists precisely where to expect to find the highest concentrations of oil and gas, but also make for an interesting and colorful decorative map.

The index runs down the right border and includes county names, city and town names, state parks, recreational facilities and historical attractions. The mileage chart in the lower left quadrant shows state, national and even international distances between a range of cities.

The legend describes the roadways starting with divided highways all the way to small unpaved state park roads. Altitudes are also given. It is noted that there are no toll roads, bridges or ferries on the State Highway System, but other toll facilities are indicated.

The bays, gulfs and ports of Texas are labeled, and the compass rose enclosed a small image of the state.

Condition: This map is in A condition. It is a folding map backed with linen which is in excellent condition.

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