Nova et Accurata Regni Hungariae Tabula ... By: Convens and Mortier Date: 1730 Size: 19 x 22.5 inches - Antique, Vintage, Rare, Balkans, Eastern Europe

1745 Nova et Accurata Regni Hungariae Tabula, ad Usum Serenissimi Burgundiae Ducis

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By: I. Covens and C. Mortier par Guillaume de l’Isle

Date: 1745 (published) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 19 x 22.5 inches (48.3 cm x 57.2 cm)

Description: This authentic antique hand colored map by I.Covens and C. Mortier is based on a map by the renowned French cartographer Guillaume De l’Isle. A well-engraved map on thick, heavy paper, the map starts at the southwest with the Gulf of Venice and in the northwest where part of Germany is depicted. It extends eastward to the Black Sea and Ukraine and part of Moscovie (Russia).

The title cartouche describes the territory as the kingdom of Hungary, and the Danube is shown running through the middle of the map. Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and the majority of the Balkans are all depicted. Major cities include Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofiya and Constantinople

A decorative title cartouche is flanked by figures in national costume, along with flags and local flora and fauna.

Condition: This map is in B+ condition. Full borders with even toning around the edges. Minimal foxing with some stains at the outer edges.

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