Antique Map of Dutch Fleet in Bay on Bantam, Java - de Bry, 1599

1599 Dutch Fleet in Bay on Bantam, Java

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XV Was es mit der Meerpforte Schiff-ftell/und der Statt Bantam…

By: Theodor de Bry

Date: 1599 (circa) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 11.75 x 8 inches (30 cm x 20.3 cm) 

This antique map is from plate XV in the series, depicts the frigates of one of the first Dutch fleets to reach Java, with the vessels anchored offshore and crews in rowboats approaching a fortified port identified in the text as Bantam (modern-day Banten), which was the great pepper port of Java at the time.

The map is detailed and points out the difficulties of reaching the port, denoting shoals and rocks which block entrance to it. Islands are also clearly defined. The depth of the sea is noted in fathoms, from the shoreline in an oval shaped around the fleet and back to shore, varying from one to ten fathoms. De Bry’s immediate written impressions of Java were of its Muslim character.

This interesting antique map by Theodor de Bry was composed by him according to stories and illustrations of European expeditions and explorations that were being made at the end of the sixteenth century.

Theodor de Bry started his professional career as an engraver, during the three years he lived in London. De Bry became acquainted with the geographer Richard Hakluyt, whose stories of expeditions to exotic foreign lands invoked a desire in de Bry to make the discoveries known to a wider reading public. Thus most of his books were based on first-hand accounts by the explorers themselves.

Condition: This print is in B condition with dark toning in areas of the text and a light damp stain in the upper right quadrant of the border. A long tear which extended through a portion of the text has been repaired with archival materials on the verso.

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