1856 Northern America British, Russian and Danish possessions in North America

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By: J.H. Colton

Date: 1856 (Published) New York

Dimensions: 12.5 x 15.5 inches (31.8 cm x 39.4 cm)

This is an exquisite authentic, antique map hand-colored map by J.H. Colton featuring British, Russian, and Danish possessions in North America in the mid-nineteenth century. This beautiful edition shows Canada, Alaska (extending beyond the map’s border), the tip of Asia, Greenland, Iceland, the northern United States, and Newfoundland.

The map details forts, rivers, mountain passes, fords, straits and bays, and all topographical and geographical features of note. It is a beautifully rendered map showing the interesting combination of claims on these vast territories as late as 1856.

Decorative scrollwork border.

Condition: This map is in B+ condition with full margins and slight toning on the margins.

Inventory #19106

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