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1630 Mappa Aestiuarum Insularum, alias Barmudas dictarum, ad Ostia Mexicani…

1630 Mappa Aestiuarum Insularum, alias Barmudas dictarum, ad Ostia Mexicani…

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By: Willem Janszoon Blaeu

Date: 1630 (Published) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 16 x 21 inches (48 cm x 33 cm)

This fine example of Blaeu’s map of Bermuda, based on John Norwood’s survey of 1618, is highly sought after by collectors. The map is not only beautiful and decorative, but provides a wealth of information regarding Bermuda and the list of proprietors (tribes) who purchased shares in the island. This is illustrated according to tribe, with each tribe ascribed a color, and all listed in a table which runs along the bottom edge of the map, which also lists the number of shares purchased by each proprietor. Bermuda itself is greatly magnified, out of proportion with the surrounding land masses.

The upper left quadrant of the map contains a portion of the southeast coast of North America, including Florida and parts of Virginia. In the upper center of the map is more of the east coast, including Plymouth, and the upper right quadrant contains yet more of the coast of New England. The decorative compass rose orients the map northeast, allowing for the inclusion of much geographical detail. On close inspection, one detects a tiny Bermuda in true scale, just below the title cartouche.

The map is also a sea chart, with rhumb lines for the charting of ships’. This beautifully hand colored map is embellished with magnificent cartouches, three compass roses (one of which is beautifully embellished) from which radiate the rhumb lines, a large frigate with sails set to the wind, and two official-looking seals stamped at either end of the long list at the bottom.

Condition: This map is in A condition. A very slight, almost invisible centerfold roll is its only imperfection.

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