1720 Regiones Danubianae, Pannoniae, Daciae, Moesiae cum Vicino

$ 250.00

By: Johann Christoph Weigel

Date: 1720 (Published) Nuremberg

Dimensions: 12 x 15.25 inches (30.5 cm x 38.74 cm)

This authentic antique hand-colored map depicts ancient provinces of the Roman Empire. Weigel again uses Latin for his map, which includes the Balkan regions of Danubia, Pannonia, Moesia and Illyrico starting from the Germany, Sarmatia, Europaea and the Carpathians in the north, extending to Macedonia and Thessalia in the south. The coastlines are minutely detailed.

A splendid cartouche is topped by a cherub and surrounded by sixteen coins. Shading of the coastlines and the coloring create a dramatic impression.

Condition: The print is in C+ condition with light toning and foxing in places. Archival tape for reinforcement has been added to the center fold on the verso.

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