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New World Cartographic | Antique Map of North America - America Septentrionalis Concinnata juxta Observationes... By: T.C. Lotter, Date: 1770

1770 America Septentrionalis Concinnata juxta Observationes...

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By: Tobias C. Lotter

Date: 1770 (published) Augsburg

Dimensions: 22.75 x 18.25 inches (58 x 46.5 cm)

This is an attractive example of Tobias Conrad Lotter's map of North America, largely based on the work of Guillaume De L'Isle's map from 1700. 

The map features a nearly complete gulf of California with suggesting a peninsular geographical shape while not completely abandoning the notion of California as an island. Nearby routes of explorers can be traced along the Pacific Coast of Mexico and California. The Mississippi river is shown to run directly north and fed by tributaries just west of the Great Lakes, abandoning the idea of a western source found in earlier maps.

In America, the colonial boundaries of Georgia, North and South Carolina extend west, past the Mississippi to the Spanish controlled territory of New Mexico. This extension of the British colonies while apparent in earlier maps provides a more accurate view of the outcome of the French and Indian war, which came to an end just 7 years earlier in 1763.

The Atlantic three large areas are presented with depictions of vegetation floating on the open ocean and the Latin text found within these patches describes it as such. These patches likely found their way onto the map by actual encounters of ships with large phyto-plankton blooms and floating masses of sea grass that exist in the open ocean.

The map includes an decorative title cartough (different from de L'Isle's) depicting a native presenting natural trade goods to a European with a tallship in the background and modern dishware and and books in the foreground. In the top left, five European scales of distance are provide to the user of the map.    

Condition: Map is in B+ condition with several small pinholes that noticeable when the map is held to a light. Modern paper reinforces edge splits on the verso. The color is bright and original. 

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