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HJBMaps - Carte des Nouvelles Decouvertes au Nord de la Mer du Sud... By: Francois Santini, Date: 1776

1776 Carte des Nouvelles Decouvertes au Nord de la Mer du Sud...

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Carte des Nouvelles Decouvertes au Nord de la Mer du Sud, Tant a l' est de la Siberie et du Kamchatka, qu' a l' Ouest de la Nouvelle France

By: Francois Santini

Date: 1776 (published) Venice

Dimensions: 17.25 x 24.5 inches (43.8 cm x 62.2)

This superb example of Santini’s map is the authorized Venice edition of the important map by Delisle/Bauche. It depicts the many discoveries of the Russian expeditions of 1723, 1732 and 1741, and follows the tracks of Bering’s first and second voyages, Joseph Nicolas Delisle’s voyage with Captain Tchirikov in 1741, and follows the tracks of De Frondat’s voyage of 1709. It also follows the route of the Galleons in 1743.

The map’s depiction of the West Coast of North America north of Cap Blanc is fictitious, with a ‘Sea of the West’, Lac Valasco, and the Isle of Bernarda depicted. A network of rivers and lakes make up a ‘Northwest Passage’ which is derived from apocryphal voyages of the Spanish admiral Bartholome de Fonte.

The Rococo title cartouche includes a native of Russia’s Kamchatka in the Far East in the upper left corner and an indigenous North American Indian from the area of Louisiana. The cartouche also contains a description of the map and a legend. Distance scales are depicted for a number of countries including France, Russia, Italy and Spain for both land routes and nautical ones.

Condition: This map is in A condition. It is a superb example, an early impression on thick paper. Two minor foxing spots and a small stain on the lower and upper borders, far from the image of the map.

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