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1700 A New Map of South America, Shewing it's General Divisions, Chief Cities & Towns; Rivers, Mountains &c.

1700 A New Map of South America, Shewing it's General Divisions, Chief Cities & Towns; Rivers, Mountains &c.

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By: Edward Wells

Date: 1700 (circa) Oxford

Dimensions: 14.5 x 19.25 inches (36.8 x 48.9 cm)

This is an authentic antique map of South America. The map was published by Edward Wells out of Oxford, circa 1700.

This bold map of South America shows major rivers, capes, islands, towns, cities, and missions with several notes regarding European discoveries. For example, within Brazil and inscription reads “Discovered by the Portuguese about 1501 who possess little more than the coasts; the inland parts being inhabited by Barbarous Nations who still maintain their freedom.” Another notation in Peru regards the area as “the most considerable country in S. America affording great quantities of gold and silver.”

The fabled Parima Lake with the “golden city” of Manoa appears in the northeast portion of the continent. Another false lake which is not labeled in this map appears right in the center of South America and feeds a large river that empties into the Atlantic near Buenos Ayres. Another geographic detail worth noting is the overly extended bulge of the continent in the east. Such a shape was common among maps in the late 1500s, but had since been refined by the time this map was created.

An index key and distance scale in English miles appears lower left. The lower right portion of the map is dominated by an elaborately decorative title cartouche featuring the British coat-of-arms. The map is dedicated to his highness William, Duke of Gloucester who was Wells' student at Oxford. Below that, Benjamin Cole is credited as the engraver.

Condition: Map is in B+ condition, with a few extra vertical folds and some very light soiling.

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