Lithograph Print: A Portrait of a Wave by J.K. Dinesen, 1962

1962 A Portrait of a Wave

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By: Jens Kaj Dinesen

Date: 1962 (original painting) 1962-64 (lithograph print)

Dimensions: 22.75 x 31 inches (57.75 x 78.75 cm)

This is a lithograph print of an oil painting by J.K. Dinesen, produced for the Seattle World's Fair. Otherwise known as the Century 21 Exposition, the world's fair ran from April 21 - October, 21 of 1962 where it featured the construction of the iconic Space Needle, Alweg monorail, several sports stadiums and performing arts buildings. 

Dinesen was a master of painting seascape imagery, using an array of vibrant colors. This moment-in-time, transports the viewer to the energy of the Sea.  The aquamarine blues of the cresting waves, capped in white, contrast with the pale blue/gray of horizon.  Through Dinesen's eyes, the composition, almost drop by drop, shows the ocean wave in free-form architecture. 

Jens Kaj Dinesen:  Born in Denmark, in 1915, J. K. Dinesen loved to draw the images of the Sea.  Eventually moving to Canada, he continued his work as an artist with larger paintings.  By 1954, his complete mastery had been recognized, and he exhibited a large collection of oils at the Pacific National Exhibition. Best known for his surreal-like landscape oil paintings, his work was also on exhibition at the 1962 World's Fair, Seattle, Washington.

Farwest Lithograph & Printing Co. (est. 1921) was based in Seattle with about 50 employees. and specialized in photo-lithograph and off-set printing with products ranging from stock certificates, bonds, letterheads, checks, and photo lithographs to broadsides, high-quality colour printing greeting cards. These products were marketed throughout the Pacific Coast as well as Alaska, Hawaii, and east Asia until they closed their doors in 1964.

Condition: This fine art lithograph print is in A condition, with no tears, bends, holes, or discoloration. It is like-new after being stored away for nearly 50 years.

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