1849 Map of the Territory of Minnesota Exhibiting the Route of the Expedition to the Red River of the North, in the Summer of 1849

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By: John Pope

Date: 1849 (dated)

Dimensions: 24.7 x 28 inches (62.75 x 71.1 cm)

This is an authentic antique map of the Territory of Minnesota by John Pope. The map is dated 1849 and was published as Sen Ex. Doc. 42, 3lst Congress, 1st Session.

This is the first known map to feature the newly formed Minnesota Territory by itself. It is easily considered a foundation map for Minnesota from “Pope’s Report of an Exploration of the Territory of Minnesota.” The map was based on an earlier map of the “Hydrographical Basin of the Upper Mississippi River,” by Nicollet. Nicollet’s travels are shown with a dashed line running through the Missouri River to Lake Mimi Wanka by way of traveling through Yankton Country and the Salt Water Region in 1839. Pope has increased the coverage to include the Lake of the Woods and Canada (British Possessions), and added much new information on rivers and lakes.

Pope’s travels are shown to originate at Fort Snelling, near St. Paul and heading west to the Red River. He would then explore the tributaries just west of the river up to the border of British Possessions before heading back along the eastern bank of that same river. The map also delineates proposed grants for railroad lines and presents extensive detail with regard to the topography and hydrography of the Territory.

Condition: Map is in A condition, on bright white paper with some very faint toning on the top right portion of the verso where the map was originally folded into the report.

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