1849 Map Illustrating Capt. Bonneville's Adventures among the Rocky Mountains

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By: Joseph H. Colton

Date: 1849 (dated)

Dimensions: 18 x 11 inches (45.75 x 28 cm).

This is an intriguing map of the west from the Mississippi to the Pacific. It is based on Fremont's map from the same era. The map was made to provide and visual description of Captain Benjamin Bonneville's travels through the west from the years 1832 – 1836.

The expedition began in Missouri and followed the Oregon route to the Snake and Columbia rivers all the way to Fort Walla Walla. Routes of other explorers are also shown including Fremont's route to California and Kearny's route through the Rockies and along the Gila River which later became a temporary border between U.S. and Mexico. Other points of interest include numerous forts Native American village locations and gold regions noted in Upper or New California.

Condition: Map is in B condition with paper toning throughout and a separation about 2.25 inches that has been repaired with archival tape on the verso. The map was originally issued folded and has since been flattened.

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