1825 Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique de Porto-Rico

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By: Jean Alexandre Buchon

Date: 1825 (published) Paris

Dimensions: 18.25 x 24 inches (46.35 x 60.95 cm)

This is an authentic antique map of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, by Jean Alexandre Buchon. The map is from the French edition of Carey & Lea's American Atlas and was published in Paris in the year 1825.

This islands in this map are color coded in accordance with European control. A small explanation indicates the eastern Virgin Islands (red) as English possessions, the west Virgin Islands (green) as Danish possessions and the island of Puerto Rico (yellow) as Spanish possession. Little to no interior detail is given to the islands, but ports, towns, and bays are all noted.

Surrounding the image is a letterpress, French text describing in detail, the economic, political, social, geographical, and historical statistics and history of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Such a detailed as lengthy description is what separated this atlas map from the many others produced throughout the 19th century.

Condition: Map is in A condition, with full margins, bright color, and a nice impression of heavy paper.

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