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1821 General Charte von den vereinigten Nordamericanischen Freistaaten

1821 General Charte von den vereinigten Nordamericanischen Freistaaten

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By: C.C. Weiland

Date: 1821 (dated).

Dimensions: 26 x 19 inches (66 x 48.35 cm).

This is a fine example of Weiland's map of the United States. This first edition map follows Lewis and Clark's map, but differs in that the Fraser river does not appear and the entire Columbia is present. Much more physical, geographic detail is given to the western U.S. than the east, with the western part of the country shown beginning at the 42nd parallel and extending north into present day British Columbian Canada. Chicago is shown just north of Indiana and northeast of Illinois within the Northwestern Territory. Missouri is shown as a state, which is worth noting since it became a state the very same year.

This map was one of the first European maps to recognize the new state formed as a result of the viciously debated Missouri Compromise. Throughout the western half of the map a number of Indian tribes are noted, along with their estimated populations. Texas is shown with a very elongated panhandle and Chaps d'Asile, a colony of Bonapartist refugees founded in 1818. Spanish troops dispatched from San Antonio drove the people out of the colony which was abandoned within the year.

Condition: Map is in A condition with some minor staining and a few tear repairs on the reverse.

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