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Charte von Asien nach den besten Quellen, und den neusten Reisebeschreibungen, entworfen und gezeichnet von Fridrich Wilhelm Streit, Koenig Preufs: Hauptmann von der Artilleriel.

1817 Charte von Asien nach den besten Quellen, und den neusten Reisebeschreibungen...

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By: Friedrich Wilhelm Streit

Date: 1817 (published) Nurnberg

Dimensions: 20 x 24 inches (51 cm x 61 cm)

This is a magnificent example of the work of Friedrich Wilhelm Streit featuring Asia as its focal point, but covering far more territory than Asia alone. The projection includes much of western Europe and Italy in the northwest upper quadrant, includes Anatolia, Arabia, and the eastern edge of Africa, and all lands in between. The Mediterranean, Adriatic, Black, Caspian and Aral Seas are all included. To the east we find Japan and Kamchatka, and towards the north pole, the northernmost reaches of Asia.

The south includes all of southern Asia and all the known islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans in that region, including the Philippines, Borneo and ‘Neu Holland’. The land masses are drawn to suggest great depth and contours, almost three dimensional in aspect, with topographical features easily distinguishable including deserts and steppes, rivers and streams, and of course the Himalayan range. All cities, towns and settlements are named, and map has beautiful original hand coloring.

Condition: This superb map on heavy paper is a strong impression in A condition.

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