1784 A New and Correct Map of North America with the West India Islands

$ 8,750.00

By: M. Albert & G. F. Lotter

Date: 1784 (dated).

Dimensions: 45.5 x 39.5 inches (115.5 x 100.25 cm).

This is a great example of the rare four sheet map of North America Mexico and the Caribbean by George Frederic Lotter. The map features inserts of Baffin and Hudson's Bay the northern Gulf of California a seven scales of distance table and a decorative cartouche depicting British merchants at a port with a ship in the background being loaded with cargo by slaves.

Throughout this map is an immense amount of geographical and historical information including locations of indian tribes, expedition routes and discoveries, beaver hunting lands, forts and the dates they were established, unknown tracts of land, false islands in Lake superior, and geographical features once thought to exist deemed imaginary.

The oceans contain trade wind directions as well as shipping routes from South America and Mexico to Havana and out to Spain. This is an absolutely stunning map with enough information to keep any history buff occupied for hours on end. A great center piece for any North American historical or cartographic collection.

Condition: Map is in B+ condition. Restoration work has been don on the bottom center of the two top sheets. Map is matted and framed without using any adhesive material directly on the map.

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