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1762 A Map of Canada and the North Part of Louisiana with the Adjacent Countrys

1762 A Map of Canada and the North Part of Louisiana with the Adjacent Countrys

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By: Thomas Jefferys

Date: 1762 (dated) London

Dimensions: 12.5 x 30 inches ( 31.75 x 76.2 cm )

This is an authentic antique map of Canada and portions of America by Thomas Jefferys. The map was made in 1762 in London, England and published in 1764.

Thomas Jefferys first published this map in 1760 in: The Natural and Civil history of the French Dominions in North and South America. The first edition however, extended only to slightly west of Lake Manitoba. The map was next published in 1761 in Jeffery's first edition of G.F. Muller's: Voyages from Asia to America. The map was dated 1762 and extended to the Pacific to show Russian and Spanish explorations along the west coast. This map however came from the second edition of the work published in 1764.

Jefferys borrowed the cartographic representations of Bellin, De L'Isle and La Verendrye to produce this map. Numerous lake and river systems are shown as are certain Indian trails and mountain ranges. One river system worth noting is the proposed rout of the “River of the West,” which is mapped with more certainty in other works by Jefferys and other cartographers to follow. Much of the western coast is derived from the discoveries of early Russian explorers. Occasional dated historical notations and other notes concerning geographical features are given throughout the map.

Standing out in the top left portion of the map is a large blanks area where one would expect to find a title cartouche. In many instances, the location of the title cartouche is chosen based on an area where little information is known. It will often be used as a tool to hide geographical ignorance under aesthetic beauty. The graticule lines is this space appear very faint if not completely absent is some areas. The exact reason as to why no cartouche was placed here is unknown. Jefferys may have lacked the time or the engraver with the necessary skills to create an elaborate cartouche.

This is an extremely rare map in terms of both numbers and content. Not many copies of the book containing this map were published and very few maps from this time in history show the entire length of North America from coast to coast. This map would be a great addition to any North American collection.

Condition: Map is in B condition with some loss to the far left margin. Fold separations have been repaired with archival tape and old paper. More significant areas of paper loss can be found within the great lakes region.


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