1746 Carte de L’Ocean Meridional Dressee pour Servir a l’Histoire Generale des Voyages...

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By: Bellin / Van Schley

Date: 1746 (dated)

Dimensions: 13.4 x 17.7 inches (34.1 x 45 cm)

This is an authentic antique map of the southern Atlantic Ocean with portions of South America and Africa by Bellin / Van Schley. The map was published in L'Histoire Generale des Voyages and is dated 1746.

The lovely sea chart of the Southern Atlantic Ocean centers on a sharply engraved and colored compass rose. Rhumb lines intertwine the map from end to end including more important line of longitude and latitude such as the Equator, Tropic of Capricorn, the Prime Meridian, and the Meridian of Paris. A good portion of the coastlines of South America and Africa are shown with major port cities named. A large rococo title cartouche graces the otherwise blank interior of South America. Dutch title below map: "Kaart van de Zuid-Zee, om te Dienen Voor de Historische Beschryving der Reizen."

Condition: Map is in A condition with attractive color over a fine impressions. Map was originally issued folding, but has since been pressed. There is some slight toning and one very small fold separation.

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