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Rhaetia Foederata cum Confinibus et Subditisa suis Valle Telina... by Seutter 1730 - Antique Map Italy, Switzerland

1740 Rhaetia Foederata cum Confinibus et Subditisa suis Valle Telina, Comitatu Clavennensi et Bormiensi...

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Rhaetia Foederata cum Confinibus et Subditisa suis Valle Telina, Comitatu Clavennensi et Bormiensi, recenter et accuratissime delineate a Gabriele Walsero, V.D.M. Abbatiscellano nunc aeri incifa cura et Sumbitus

By: Matthias Seutter

Date: 1740 (circa) Augsburg

Size: 19 x 22 inches (48.3 cm x 55.9 cm)

This magnificent map by Matthias Seutter features the Central European Alps, starting from the Canton Uri in Switzerland and extending east as far as western Austria. In Seutter’s usual manner, the map is highly detailed, with virtually all topographical features distinguished by icons and labeled in German, Latin and some Italian.

Seutter delineates all rivers, lakes and waterways. Mountain passes are depicted with switchbacks indicated precise routes. Other interesting features include vineyards, baths, columns which resemble ventilation shafts for mines of some kind.

Rhaetia was a province of the Roman Empire, named after the Rhaetians, the tribes who peopled it. Its western border was the country of the Helvetii and Transalpine Gaul, the east of the Noricum, north the Vindelicia, and the south with Venetia et Histria. In modern terms, this area consists of eastern and central Switzerland, southern Bavaria and Upper Swabia, the greater part of Tirol, and part of Lombardy. During the times of Augustus and Tiberius the northern border was the Danube. Later, after Germanicus’ campaigns, the boundary stretched to 166 km north of the Danube. The Romansh people of SE Switzerland are believed to be direct descendants of the Rhaetians.

In addition to the place names Seutter provides a small cartouche including definitions of explanatory symbols in both German and Latin, a partial listing follows below.

Stadt, Urbs (nations, cities)
Dorf (village), Pagus (village)
Schloss (castle)
Abtey(abbey) Abbatia (abbey)
Closter (Cloister) Monasterium (Monastery)
Bad (Baths) Balneum (Baths)
Landstrass (country road), Via Regia (the King’s Road)
Schlachten, so vormals (ancient battle sites) an den Orten gehalten (in the places where they were held)

This is a copper engraving, hand colored in outline and wash when published. A lovely title cartouche features themes from antiquity through the Middle Ages.

Condition: This map is in A condition. Dark and vibrant impression with original color. Minor centerfold separation repaired with archival material on the verso.

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