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Novissima et accuratissima Delineatio Status Ecclesiae... By: Matthias Seutter Date: 1730

1730 Novissima et accuratissima Delineatio Status Ecclesiae...

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Novissima et accuratissima Delineatio Status Ecclesiae et Magni Ducatus Hetruriae publici juris facta per Matth. Seutter Chalcogr. August. Vindel.

By: Matthias Seutter

Date: 1730 (Published) Augsburg

Size: 19.4 x 22.7 inches (49.3 cm x 57.7 cm)

This splendid map of Italy by Matthias Seutter affords an interesting perspective of the lines of defense formed by the cities of the major polities of the mid-eighteenth century which are featured on the map. Starting from Mantua, Cremona, Piacenza, Ferrara in the north this striking map features and extends southward to Rome, including Ancona on the Adriatic. Many other well-known cities are featured as well. Each designated polity contains at least one historic city state, or fortified city, and all are connected by a well-delineated system of roads based on ancient well-established routes. Elba and part of Corsica are also featured.

Directly under the compass rose in the lower left quadrant is the scale legend and beneath it a list explaining the meanings of the various illustrations employed by Seutter, and includes depictions of Major cities, minor cities, villages, fortifications, archbishoprics, universities and even lone castles in the countryside.

The extravagant title cartouche fills the area covered by the Adriatic Sea in the upper right quadrant, and includes a merman and mermaid, with four putti also included. Two of them hold coats of arms, one holds a crozier, while the other holds a large branch from a fruit-bearing tree. This idyllic seaside scene also includes a number of musical instruments, a painter’s palette and brushes and other objects alluding to a life of abundance, refinement and leisure.

Condition: This map is in B condition, a dark and vibrant impression with original color. Centerfold separation closed with archival material on the verso.

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