1724 Hemisphere Occidental Dresse en 1720 pour l’usage particulier du Roy sur les Observations Astronomiques et Geographiques…

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By: Guillaume De L'Isle

Date: 1724 (dated)

Dimensions: 19.5 x 19 inches (49.5 x 48.25 cm)

This is an example of the first state, western hemisphere map by De L’Isle lacking any Russian discoveries in the pacific after 1730. Much of the northwestern portion of America is unknown and left absent from the map. An opening in the western coast of the Hudson along with another north of Mendocino hints at a possible Northwest Passage. The fictitious Lac des Xaraics appears in central South America which was common among almost all maps for well over 100 years.

Much of the Pacific is lined with the routes of early voyages that include Mendana, le Marie, Quiros, Magellan, and Tasman to name a few. Antarctica is left nearly completely vacant from the map except for a small coast line noted as a discovery by Drake. New Zealand also appears in the lower left with a western coast only partly delineated.

Condition: Map is in B condition with some area of paper toning that include the bottom center and top corners. Margins are full but rough at the edges.

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