1720 Magnae Britanniae Pars Meridionalis in qua Regnum Angliae tam in Septem Antiqua Anglo-Saxonum Regna

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By: Johann Baptist Homann

Date: 1720 (circa) Nuremberg

Dimensions: 19 x 22.25 inches (48.5 x 56.75 cm)

This striking map is based upon Visscher's map of 1695 delineating counties and showing the boundaries of the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. The map is decorated by a beautiful cartouche surrounded by angels and the British coat of arms. Two other angels hold the Welsh armorial shield and at bottom is a large vignette of the King holding court. The map is densely engraved with detail including roads. This is the second state of the map without Homann's privilege Cum Privilegio Sac. Caes. Majestatis.

Condition: B+ Original color on watermarked paper with light soiling a few tiny abrasions and a printer's crease in lower left corner. A portion of the left blank margin has been repaired with old paper on verso.

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