1720 Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis. . .

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Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Novissima Repraesentatio quam ex fingulis recentium Geographorum Tabulis collecta luci publicae accomodavit

By: Johann Baptiste Homann

Date: 1720 (Published) Nuremberg

Dimensions: 19 x 22.5 inches (48.3 cm x 57.2 cm)

This map by renowned cartographer Johann Baptiste Homann was first issued in 1710, still showing California as an island.

Following the initial issuance the map was revised, and this later version, the second state, is one of the revisions, showing California as part of the mainland, but with the remnant of the hypothetical interior sea, aka sea of the west, near Pais de Moozenleck still included. In addition, the decorative branches at the bottom center of the cartouche in the upper left are retained from the first state.

North America is fairly well described from the East coast westward toward what is now New Mexico, especially in the southwest and near the Great Lakes, which were then actively being explored by French fur traders and Hudson's Bay Company, but the entire northwest of the continent is quite bare. South America, on the other hand, is quite highly detailed due to long term exploration and settlement by European powers. The Solomon Islands are depicted in the Pacific, but rather too far to the east.

Two cartouches grace the map, a lovely title cartouche featuring indigenous men on either side with Europeans inside the cartouche and a European looking village in the background, while the other surrounds a brief history (in Latin) of exploration of the continents. By the time this map was issued, Homann had been appointed Geographer to the Emperor.

Condition: This map is in C condition. Fairly even toning with foxing and darkening (discoloration) in places along the top of the map. Centerfold separation and tears in the edges have been repaired with archival materials on the verso.

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