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1719 Carte contenant le Royaume du Mexique et la Floride

1719 Carte contenant le Royaume du Mexique et la Floride

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By: Henri Abraham Chatelain

Date: 1719 (published) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 16.1 x 20.6 inches (41.0 x 52.4 cm)

This is an authentic antique map of North America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. The map was published in Amsterdam by Henri Abraham Chatelain, circa 1719 as part of his monumental 7 volume Atlas Historique.

This highly detailed and map of North America and the Caribbean is considered very geographically accurate for its time of creation. While the map spans from the Great Lakes in the north to Trinidad and the Baja peninsula in the southeast and west, it’s the regions of Nouveau Mexique and Floride that make this map an important piece of its time. It wasn’t until the late 17th century that non-Spanish ships were able to roam Texas, Florida, and the Gulf Coast region of the New World. French exploration of the area was at its peak and their discoveries were just beginning to find their way on printed maps.

Sources for this map included d'Iberville, Tonty and Le Sueur, Father Gravier, and Bienville (whom would later become the Governor of the French colony of Louisiana). The contribution of such sources can be seen in the detail of the upper reaches of the Mississippi, the delineation of the gulf coast, and the numerous tributaries extending well into Texas. The map also shows a French colony along the Bay of St. Louis noted on the map as Fort Francois. The colony lasted only three years and was abandoned due to harsh environmental conditions and hostile Native American’s. Several Native American tribes are accurately noted throughout the map

Condition: Map is in B+ condition, with a minor centerfold separation at the bottom repaired on the verso and narrow side margins, especially on the left. Map exhibits lovely hand coloring.

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