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1700 Planisphaerium Terrestre cum utroque Coelesti Hemisphaerio, sive Diversa Orbis Terraquei …

1700 Planisphaerium Terrestre cum utroque Coelesti Hemisphaerio, sive Diversa Orbis Terraquei …

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By: Adam Friedrich Zurner

Date: 1700 (circa) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 20 x 22.75 inches (50.8 x 57.8 cm)

This is an authentic antique map of the world by Adam Friedrich Zurner. The map featured in Pieter Schenk’s Atlas Contractus, in which publishing began in Amsterdam, circa 1700.

While Adam Zurner is known to have produced nearly 1,000 maps, he is a name that is relatively unknown amongst novice collectors. This world map in particular was produced for Pieter Schenk's Atlas Contractus. While this double hemisphere is regarded by Shirley as “cartographically up-to-date,” there are still several errors and unknown parts of the world to be noted. California is still shown as an island just south of a presumptuous coastline of Terra Esonis in which the interior is completely blank. False islands such as Friesland in the North Atlantic and Copagnie Land are shown with partial coastlines as are the real islands of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zeeland. Japan is given a peculiar shape with a massive Terra Iedso (the island of Hokkaido) attached by a narrow land bridge. Routes of explorers that include Magellan, Tasman, Chaumont, Gaetani, and Dampeir are delineated. The new island Nova Britannia, which is shown as a separate land from guinea is noted as being discovered by Dampier in 1700.

Encircling the hemispheres are markings of the winds and climates. Set around the border are 26 smaller astronomical diagrams and hemispheres of the world according to different projections. In addition, there are two larger celestial views for the northern and southern hemispheres. A panorama along the bottom illustrates tempests, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tides, and vortices occurring at various locations around the world that such as Mt. Aetna in Sicily and Norway. Below the panorama is extensive text explaining contemporary knowledge on the natural phenomena depicted above.

Ref: Shirley #639, Pl. 440

Condition: Map is in B condition with a few minor separations along the lower margin that just enter the image and slight discoloration along the centerfold.

Inventory #18793

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