1687 Beschryvinge van den Oorsprong der Volkeren, uit de Drie Sonen van Noah na den Sonduloed, en voorts vande Reysen der eerste Vaderen in Canaan

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By: Romain de Hooghe

Date: 1687 (circa)

Dimensions: 14 x 18.3 inches ( 35.6 cm x 46.5 cm)

This marvelous, fascinating and uncommon antique map has original coloring and depicts scenes from the Old Testament, including a detailed rendering of Abraham’s route from Ur, the Garden of Eden, and the wanderings of the Children of Israel. The Israelites are depicted in various forms of revelry and behavior which was forbidden them.

The Great Flood shows people drowning and climbing trees to escape drowning, the lands and buildings being covered by the flood waters, a rider on horseback is caught in the waters, and people are grasping at limbs of trees which will soon be underwater. The Ark is at sea, and then atop a mountain (from differing perspectives). A dramatic rendering of this biblical event.

Among the major historical cities depicted are Nineveh, Babylon, Palmyra, all prominent in current events as war has enveloped the region, and all the ancient cities along the coast of the Mediterranean, which is embellished by a lovely frigate and a fanciful sea monster. A ferocious many-headed monster whose rider appears to be Assyrian is headed toward the northeast corner of the map.

The cartouche is a banner held aloft by two angels. Much symbolism is included surrounding the figures of Europa and Asia, who are in the upper left and right quadrants. Dutch text on the verso.

Condition: This map is in A condition with even toning and some light staining in the top border, not extending into the image. Minor separations have been repaired with archival material on the verso.

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