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Antique Map of Cartagena Under Siege by Sir Francis Drake, 1599

1599 Die Statt Carthagena von Francisco Draken gewonnen

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By: Theodore De Bry

Date: 1599 (circa) Frankfurt

Dimensions: 6.25 x 8.75 inches (16 x 22.25 cm)

An impressive map of the Spanish colony of Cartagena under siege from Sir. Francis Drake. This map by Theodore de Bry is one of the earliest maps of Cartagena which had been established in 1533 by the Spanish as a shipping port for gold and other treasures plundered from the indigenous civilizations of South America, such as the Inca and the Aztec.

Cartagena's strategic location made it a vital center for Spain's colonial operations, serving as a key point for the shipment of riches back to Europe. The city also played a crucial role in Spain's defensive strategy, guarding the approach to the Spanish Main (the northern coast of South America) and protecting valuable trade routes from piracy and rival European powers. Cartagena was heavily fortified with massive walls and forts to defend against attacks from pirates and foreign invaders.

Sir Francis Drake's Voyage to Cartagena took place in 1586. Drake led a daring raid on the Spanish settlement of Cartagena, located in present-day Colombia. The raid was significant because it inflicted heavy damage on Spanish shipping and colonial infrastructure, weakening Spain's hold on the region. It also bolstered Drake's reputation as a skilled and audacious naval commander, further enhancing England's power and prestige in the Age of Exploration.

Condition: Map is in B- condition, with some rough edges where spall tears are apparent, though reinforced on the verso. The paper is thin but stable and some old crinkling does exist. The portion, particularly in the corners has paper added where it was once torn away. Despite these condition issues, the overall map image is very fine and would display well once framed.

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