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1690 America Meridionale
1690 America Meridionale
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1690 America Meridionale

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By: Vincenzo Coronelli

Date: 1690 (circa) Venice

Dimensions: 23.5 x 35.5 inches (60 cm x 90.2 cm)

This is a splendid old color example of Coronelli’s famous two-sheet map of South America, done in a specific, grand style consistent with his famous globes. The map is a landmark work in the cartographic history of South America and stand-out example of 17th century map makers blending knowledge and imagination to offer a most fantastic and captivating map. 

The map offers a well charted outline of South America with each port and bay identified. The interior is filled with topographic detail including an early depiction and reference to the Andes mountains, an accurate location of Lake Titicaca, and a myriad of river systems. In the northern portion of the continent we find for one of the first times the fable Lake Parime and golden city of El Dorado depicted with speculation as its borders are not defined by shaded. The Amazon kingdom and El Dorado were the last vestiges of the medieval European notions that somewhere in the far reaches of Earth exist strange, wonderful, and sometimes magical places.

The map illustrates many of the ideas of the New World which were circulating in Europe at the time and is obviously designed to influence its readers, especially in the propagation of widespread cannibalism, scenes of which fill most empty spaces within the Amazon rainforest. The animals that fill the map are also appear as blend of real and imaginary. For instance, while we find Llamas, lizards, leopards, and Rheas (a large flightless bird), the map also offers the notion of Elephants in Peru and African Lions in the Amazon. 

Vincenzo Mari Coronelli

A citizen of the Republic of Venice, Vincenzo Mari Coronelli was a scholar, encyclopaedist, geographer, inventor and Doctor of Theology. He was one of the most celebrated map and globe makers of his era. Coronelli produce more than one hundred terrestrial and celestial globes, several hundred maps and a wealth of cartographic publications. He founded the first geographical society, the Academia Cosmografica degli Argonauti, and was appointed Cosmographer of the Republic of Venice.

Condition: Map is in A condition, two sheets professionally joined.

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