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Amer. Sep. No. 39. Partie Des Etats-Unis By: Vandermaelen, 1827 - Antique Map of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

1827 Amer. Sep. No. 39. Partie Des Etats-Unis

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By: Philippe M. Vandermaelen

Date: 1827 (published) Brussels

Dimensions: 19 x 20.75 inches (48.25 x 52.75 cm)

A very fine example of one of the earliest obtainable maps to focus on the northern American Rocky Mountain region and present-day Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. The map is a landmark work in the cartographic history of the region. 

Early Explorers of the Region and their Routes

This map is important for its detail in the exploration routes of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804 – 1806) and John Colter (1807 - 1808). While the Lewis and Clark expedition is renowned for successfully charting a route to the Pacific, the pivotal and demanding segment was the overland pass through the Rocky Mountains. Spanning from the Missouri's headwaters to the Columbia River, this map meticulously delineates the entirety of this challenging and crucial leg of their historic journey.

John Colter, a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition who clearly did not get his fill of the American west, set off for the Rockies almost immediately following his return to Missouri. Colter's route depicted on this map documents his unique distinction as the earliest person of European descent to explore present-day Yellowstone National Park the Teton Mountain Range and Jackson Hole.

Representation of Indigenous Tribes

The representation of indigenous tribes throughout the map cannot be overlooked.  While many references to these tribes and their ancestral locations appear in the map, the names provided can be misleading. The "Ootlashoot," refers to the Flathead Tribe that resided along the Bitterroot Range. The "Chompunnish" also appears in the map as a result of Lewis and Clark mishearing the Nez Perce refer to themselves as "Nimmipuu," which means "the people." 

While not entirely precise, this map of the northern American Rockies holds significance in the cartographic history of the region. Its detailed depiction and hachure technique unveil the intricate patterns of mountain ranges and the rivers they nourish. The complex and varied geography of the region would prove both challenging and rewarding for subsequent explorers, scientists, and settlers in the ensuing decades of the 19th century.

Condition: This map is in A+ condition presenting a strong print impression on clean paper with full margins on all sides. 

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