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The Mountain Systems of Europe By: Alexander K. Johnston, 1856

1856 The Mountain Systems of Europe

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By: Alexander K. Johnston

Date: 1856 (published) Edinburgh

Dimensions: 20 x 24 inches (51 x 61 cm)

This map of the mountain systems of Europe is another remarkably fascinating and highly detailed work from the second edition of Scottish cartographer Alexander Keith Johnston's Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena, published out of Edinburgh by William Blackwood & Sons in 1856.

The map was drawn with no geopolitical boundaries, focusing instead on the physical topography of Europe, including the British Isles, the islands of the Mediterranean, most of Scandinavia, and a portion of western Russia. The topography of the land is depicted by using elevation contour lines and shading according to elevation, which precisely defines all regions depicted on the map. 

His use of this method reveals the great mountain ranges of Europe; the Alps in the various countries in which they formed, the Pyrenees, the Apennines and the Carpathians. Smaller ranges are also made evident in the map. River systems and lakes are indicated and named, as are many cities. A key to the coloring of the mountain systems named by Johnston is located in the region of the Ionian Sea. 

At the time of publication, Alexander Keith Johnston's Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena was the most comprehensive geographic work focusing on natural science. Johnston described the motivations and focus of his work in the preface as follows; The object originally contemplated in this work was to present, in a graphic form, a concise yet comprehensive view of the Physical Geography of the Globe, embracing under that term its superficial structure, the movements of its aerial and oceanic currents, and the distribution of organized existence on its surface. 

Accompanying the map is the original letterpress description from the atlas that discusses in detail the methodology, science, and theory used to create such a  cartographic work.

Condition: Map is in A condition presenting a attractive and vivid imprint on heavy paper with full margins on all sides. Some subtle foxing is apparent along map border.

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