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Antique Chart to Illustrate The Landfall of Columbus 12 October 1492.

1856 Chart to Illustrate The Landfall of Columbus 12 October 1492.

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By: John Murray

Date: 1856 (dated) London

Dimensions: 15.5 x 25 inches (39.5 x 63.5 cm)

An uncommon map, published by the Royal Geographical Society in 1856, illustrating the tracks of Columbus during his first voyage of to the New World in which he became the first European to set foot in the Americas with his landfall in the Bahamas on October 12, 1492. 

The map is highly detailed, using the most up-to-date geographic sources for the region available to John Murray and the Royal Geographical Society with a multitude of depth soundings, anchorages, and hazards noted throughout. Columbus's track is delineated in three separate colors depending on the source, with that of Mr. Washington Irving in Blue, Señor Navarrete in Yellow, and the Author of the Landfall in Red. Place names given by Columbus are provided in all-capitalized red letters.  

 The top right portion of the map includes two inset maps; one of The Crooked Isles (proposed Fragrant Isles of Columbus), and the other of Watling Island (San Salvador to Columbus) where first landfall was made. Along the top of the map is a profile view of Long Island (Bahamas) when seen from the southwest side.

This map is an altogether impressive cartographic work of one of the most iconic places of discovery in the New World when visited by the most well-known and now controversial figures from the early years of the age of discovery. 

Condition: Map is in A condition with a rough top margin that comes close to the profile view. Paper is thin but sturdy and the map image and colors are very fine and easy to interpret. Paper can be added to the top margin for easy framing at the request and expense of the buyer. 

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