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L'Amerique par P. Du Val Geographe du Roy by Pierre Duval, 1661

1661 L'Amerique par P. Du Val Geographe du Roy

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By: Pierre Duval

Date: 1661 (published) Paris

Dimensions: 15.75 x 19.25 inches (40 x 49 cm)

This monumental work by Pierre Duval can be described as a single sheet atlas of the Americas comprised eighteen important maps showing new discoveries, myths, and legends that embodies the 17th century wonder on intrigue of the New World during the age of discovery. 

There are eight devoted to North America; four of which are based on Sanson's maps of 1656 - Le Canada, La Nle. Espagne, Le N. Mexique, and La Floride. According to Burden in his book The Mapping of North America, this map by Duval may have preceded the map Audience de Guadalajara by Nicolas Sanson, which would make this map the first cartographic work focused on New Mexico to show California as an Island. This sheet also includes maps of North America that are noteworthy for their depictions of the Great Lakes, the Hudson River, Delaware Rivers, and Hudson's Bay. the four small maps in the bottom row, La Virginie, La Nle. Holande, La Nle. Suede, and Le Nouveau Danemarq are also noteworthy as there were very few maps from this time period devoted to these regions.

The remaining maps focus on South America and support some of our favorite cartographic myths such as the fabled Golden City of El Dorado along lake Parime in Guiana and the supposed giants the inhabited the interior of Patagonia. Also noteworthy is Duval's apprehension to show Tierra Del Fuego as its own island and not a northern portion of the supposed great southern continent found in maps name Terra Australis, Magellanica, or the generic description Terra Incognita, which simply means "unknown land." 

Condition: This map is in A condition with delicate outline coloring over lightly toned paper with full margins on all sides. Some acid burn is apparent around the map from years in matting but the overall image is very fine.

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