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Antique Lithograph: Views Looking East & South from Mt. Trumbull, Grand Canyon by: William Henry Holmes and Julius Bein, 1882

1882 Lithograph of Views Looking East & South from Mt. Trumbull

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By:  William Henry Holmes (drawings) Julius Bein (Lithographer)

Date:  1882 (published) New York, NY

Dimensions:  17.75 x 30.50 inches  (45 x 77.5 cm)

This is an amazingly detailed & accurate two-part view from Mt. Trumbull, just north of the Grand Canyon, looking east and south toward the Canyon.  The view was published in 1882 as part of Edward Dutton's Atlas of the "Grand Canyon District." 

This is a two part view showing the southern and eastern views of Mt. Trumbull. A note on the left says: "Upper View looking east; the Grand Canyon in the distance... In the foreground is the upper part of the Toroweap Valley." A note at right says: "Lower View looking south from a different standpoint; the Grand Canyon in the distance with its opening of the inner gorge..." 

Edward Dutton was born in Wallingford, CT, on May 15, 1841, graduating from Yale in 1860.  He served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and then joined the U.S. Geological Survey.  He worked in a number of places, including Hawaii, Oregon, and the American Southwest, in particular surveying the Grand Canyon.  In 1882, he issued his Atlas of the Grand Canyon survey, a magnificent document of the exploration of one of the last surveyed  parts of the United States. 

William Henry Holmes (1846-1933) is responsible for the first-hand drawings from when he accompanied Dutton on his survey.  Holmes had first worked with Ferdinand V. Hayden, on the first survey of the state of Colorado, but his images of the Grand Canyon reached an unprecedented level of quality and realism. They are simply among the best images of the West make in the period of exploration.  

William Goetzmann wrote that Holmes was "the greatest artist-topographer and man of many talents that the West ever produced.........his artistic technique is like no other's.  He could sketch panoramas of twisted mountain ranges, sloping monoclines, escarpments, plateaus, canyons, fault blocks, and grassy meadows, that accurately depicted humdreds of miles of terrain........his illustrations for Dutton's 'Tertiary History of the Grand Canon District' are masterpieces of realism and draftsmanship as well as feats of imaginative observation."

Condition:  These antique tinted lithographs are in A condition with warm beige colors, bordered in a thin black frame

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