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Genealogie Des Anciens Empereurs Tartares, Descendus De Genghiscan by: Henri Abraham Chatelain, 1719

1719 Genealogie Des Anciens Empereurs Tartares, Descendus De Genghiscan.

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By: Henri Abraham Chatelain

Date: 1719 (Published) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 14.5 x 17 inches (36.8 x 43.2 cm)

This finely engraved map with chart is from Chatelain’s Atlas Historique, which was published in seven volumes between 1705 and 1720 and is one of the most famous and prolific cartographic works of the early 18th century.

The chart features the genealogy of the descendants of the great Tartar emperor known as Genghis Khan, one of the most famous conqueror/empire builders of all time. Starting with the emperor himself at the base of the family tree and ending with the last of his known line as of 1708, at the time Chatelain was researching and gathering information for his Atlas, the map and chart provide in one sheet a glimpse of the Mongol Empire which he built, and the men who carried on the work he started – the unification of Mongol tribes in one great empire.

The map in the bottom half of the sheet depicts what Chatelain calls Tartaria Magna, or in English, ‘Great Tartaria’, a region covering territory from eastern Europe and Russia south to the Caspian Sea, all the way to the Oceanus Orientalas (Eastern Ocean). The Mongol Empire created by Genghis Khan was one of the largest contiguous empires in the history of the world, and his descendants ruled in various places for many generations following his death throughout the eastern hemisphere, including China, where Kublai Khan (grandson of Genghis) was the founder and first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, which ruled for nearly a century. Indeed, the unification of myriad city states in Kievan Rus’ is often attributed to Mongol rule, which lasted there for nearly two centuries.

Condition: This chart on watermarked, hand-laid paper is in A condition offering a strong impression with some soiling in the lower center fold..

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