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Statistical Map No. 4 Showing Lines of Shade Trees. City of Washington

1891 Map No. 4 Showing Lines of Shade Trees. City of Washington

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Statistical Map No. 4 Showing Lines of Shade Trees. City of Washington

By: Capt. W.T. Rossell  Photo-Lithograph by: Norris Pteres Co.

Date: June 30, 1891 (dated) Washington D.C.

Dimensions: 28 x 28 inches (71 x 71 cm)

A delightful map of Washington D.C. showing the distribution of shade trees along the many avenues and boulevards throughout the capitol of the United States. While all lines are colored in red, numerical identifiers correspond with a large key in the top right. This key lists the botanical and common name for over 65 varieties of foliage that lived in Washington D.C. in 1891. From sycamores to cottonwoods, weeping willows to maples and elms, the streets of Washington D.C. was no doubt and arborists' dream. 

This map was one of twelve statistical maps produced in an effort to present large-scale improvements in the infrastructure of the city since the Greene maps of 1880. Each map was drawn on an identical scale and included the prefix “Statistical Map No" before each unique title. Above the title is a full list of avenues names along with their width in feet.

This map and its counterparts offer a unique glimpse into the state of development in the Capitol of the United States just before the turn of the 20th Century.

Condition: This map is in B+ condition, originally issued folding with some separations along the fold lines. The map has been professionally linen-backed with any fold separations filled in by an artist's hand. 

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