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Carte Generale de L’Amerique Divisee En Ses Principaux Etats By: Charles F.Delamarche. 1825 | Antique map the Americas or Western Hemispher

1825 Carte Generale de L’Amerique Divisee En Ses Principaux Etats…

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By: Charles Francois Delamarche

Date: 1825 (dated) Paris

Dimensions: 21.5 x 23.4 inches ( 54.6 x 59.4 cm)

This map of the Americas is an interesting depiction of the continents at a time when significant changes were taking place on both. Simon Bolivar and others had been actively liberating South America from Spanish Colonial rule, while North America had witnessed the independence of Mexico and the rush by the US government to explore and claim for themselves the western and northern reaches of the continent. The territory of the Louisiana Purchase, which was finalized in the early 19th century, had become part of the United States and had doubled the size of its territory. The Purchase included lands located in fifteen present U.S. states and two Canadian provinces, covering 828,000 square miles and inhabited primarily by indigenous peoples.  

The vast territory of Russia in America is depicted, as are the routes and discoveries of both MacKenzie (1789) and Hearne (1771). Lewis & Clarks’s discoveries are annotated, and New Albion, which had been claimed by the English as a result of Sir Francis Drake’s discoveries in the 16th century is depicted. To the left of the map is an inset which includes descriptions in French of the various geographic and topographic features of the map including cities, towns, exploratory routes, streams, rivers, lakes, bays, capes and gulfs, islands, mountains, territorial names, etc.

Condition: This folding map on heavy paper is in C condition, but would respond well to restoration which would clean the fold lines, foxing and water staining.

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