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1980s Les Vins de France Val de Loire

1980s Les Vins de France Val de Loire

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By: Sopexa

Date: 1980s (circa) Paris

Size: 28 x 43 inches (71 x 109 cm)

This gaily colored vintage poster was published by Sopexa to promote the wines of the Loire Valley of France. The Valley of the Loire, the garden of France, is known throughout the world for its splendid wines, its magnificent castles and chateaux, and for being the region of France where the purest French is spoken.

The poster features this region and its highways, waterways and vineyards with splashes of color denoting the various areas devoted to the grapes which produce specific wines. The poster also features a number of the historical sites which are visited by millions of tourists who go to France specifically to visit the Valley of the Loire.

The Valley is known of course for producing some of the world’s finest wines, and many connoisseurs consider it to be the best climate on the planet for white grapes of a wide variety. The wines of the Loire have lightness, freshness and airiness which is not found in wines from other regions of the country. The area is known as the homeland of Sauvignon Blanc, known for its citrus aromas, its fruity and berry flavors. White and rose wine aficionados consider that the grapes from this region make the world’s finest lighter wines.

Located approximately in the center of France, the Loire has been a favorite region of royalty, aristocracy and wealthy bourgeoisie for millennia. As a result, many of the country’s most beautiful architectural edifices are to be found here, and in a state of splendid preservation, for many have been maintained as private homes through the centuries.

Condition: This appealing linen backed poster is in A condition. The map has been linen-backed for preservation and presentation purposes.

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