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New World Cartographic specializes in rare, authentic maps and prints from the 15th to 20th century. Whether you are an avid collector, history buff, looking for a piece of history to represent your family’s ancestry, or just want a pleasing map to decorate your home or office, we can find the right map for you. If you have any questions regarding buying or selling maps, please feel free to contact us via email at or call us directly at (312) 496 - 3622.

Why Buy A Map?

A Conversation Piece: One of the most enjoyable privileges in owning a map is the tendency one has to look closely at them and learn about what they have to say. Maps are a visual snapshot of data representing a specific time place and topic. Much can be studied, learned, and discussed with any given map, thus setting the foundation for enjoyable conversation.

A Representation of Who We Are: No matter who you are there is always one thing you have in common with every other person in the world and that is the simple fact that we all come from somewhere or have a place in the world that is of great importance to us. Such a place, wherever is may be, has been mapped. Owning a map celebrating one’s ancestry, favorite vacation destination, where they were married, studied abroad, or worked for several years, represents more to that person and their family than just a simple piece of wall décor. The perfect map can help turn a house into a home.

A Variety to Match Any Style: With over five hundred years of advances in map printing technology, the vast number of map makers and their artistic tendencies, and the wide array of subject matter maps have been used to present, there is bound to be a map that fits any desired color pallet and decorative taste. From the influence of the 17th century renaissance artists, to the masters of 1920s Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern designers, these maps have evolved over the years complementing the styles and fascinations of the societies for which they were made. 

If you are interested in reproductions of antique maps, please visit our friends at

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