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Antique Climate Wall Map of the World - Atmospheric Perils by Justus Perthes, 1930s

1930s Atmospheric Perils

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Die Atmosphare Der Erde - 12

By: Justus Perthes

Date: 1930s (circa) Darmstadt, Germany

Dimensions: 32.5 x 45.5 inches (82.5 x 115.5 cm)

This is one of twelve antique wall maps of the world created by Justsu Pethes based on the data and scientific studies of Dr. Rudolf Geiger. As described within, the map focuses on the topic of atmospheric perils, more specifically "extreme climatic conditions with emphasis on those of economic importance." 

Some such extreme climatic conditions include the areas of gale for winds and fog, preferred tracks of tropical storms and mean annual days with thunderstorms (identified in 60 - 120 and 120+ days / year), and tornadoes (20 - 60 and 60+ / year). This map also include a bi-color model of shading to show the correlation between mean annual maximum temperature and hot / humid conditions. 

Perhaps the most intriguing data presented in this map especially with regards to current and future climate forecasts has to do with ice disruption. The map uses distinguishable patterns to represent pack ice throughout the entire year, as well as seasonal pack ice, which in this map extends as far north in the southern pole to occur just of the cost of Terra del Fuego in South America. Seasonal pack ice in the northern hemisphere fills the Hudson Bay and entrance to the St. Lawrence River. In the summer, this ice breaks apart, producing icebergs, of which their extreme limits are shown off the coast of New Newfoundland. This is the same iceberg field that sank the Titanic just two decades prior. 

This map is of particular interest with regards to the topic of climate change as it provides a remarkable visualization of climactic disturbances in the 1930s that we face throughout the world today and in years to come. 

Dr. Rudolph Geiger (1894 - 1981) was a German meteorologist and climatologist, who worked with Wladimir Peter Köppen and introduced some modifications to the Köppen climate classification, which is one of the most widely used climate classification systems back then and still to this day. It is now often referred to as the Köppen–Geiger climate classification system.

Condition: This wall map is in A condition with displaying beautiful colors on clean paper. It is still secured to its original rods which can be easily removed for framing purposes upon the request of the buyer.

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