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Recreational Map of New Mexico The Land of Enchantment

1946 Recreational Map of New Mexico The Land of Enchantment

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By: Wilfred Stedman

Date: 1946 (published) Santa Fe

Dimensions: 17 x 21.8 inches (43.2 x 55.4 cm)

This fine pictorial map by Wilfred Stedman was published by the New Mexico State Tourist Bureau in 1947, immediately following WWII., when the US experienced sudden rapid growth in tourism. The map is a panoply of vignettes of myriad sites, activities, natural features, sports, symbols, etc., to be found in the state.

New Mexico was settled early in the history of the country, and in fact had been inhabited by indigenous peoples for millennia before the first European set foot there. One depiction is of the Aztec Ruins National Monument. While the name itself is a misnomer, for the ruins were constructed by early Pueblos rather than Aztecs, the site is of historical interest.

Many of the vignettes feature popular themes of the west, romanticizing the idea of cowboys and outlaws such as Billy the Kid. Natural wonders such as Carlsbad Caverns and a number of fossil beds are featured.  Wildlife abounds in the vignettes, and homage is paid to early pioneers in their covered wagons.

When the war ended, there was sudden growth in the tourist industry for myriad reasons including increasing prosperity, improvements in transport and accessibility, changing lifestyles, and curiosity about places. Travel became increasingly accessible due to affordable cars and great access to travel by air. Maps such as this became popular for advertising and highlighting attractions of states, describing the history of their settlement and development, and showing the diversity of a given state’s attractions.

The verso contains text detailing many sites and attractions depicted on the map.

Condition: This pictorial map is in A condition with a few very minor separations along a fold line.

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