1625 Polus Arcticus cum vicinus regionibus

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By: Samuel Purchas / Henricus Hondius

Date: 1625 (Published) London

Dimensions: 5.25 inches x 7.25 inches (13.33 cm x 18.4 cm)

This intriguing and beautiful Polar Projection is the result of a joint effort undertaken by Samuel Purchas and Henricus Hondius, son of Jodocus Hondius. Mercator had published the original version of this map in 1569, in which the influence of Jodocus Hondius, father of Henricus Hondius is obvious.

This version of this striking map depicts the North Polar regions and the northern boundaries of several continents. The map depicts the mythical land masses near the North Pole, and the clearly navigable NW and NE passages. California as described by Spanish explorers is depicted as an enormous land mass. The Davis Straits along with marvelous details in the NE coast of Asia, above the Arctic Circle are also depicted.

The map is a splendid example of baroque engraving, with the map set off by the roundel title cartouche and inset maps of the Faeroes, the Shetlands and the mythical Frisland in the corners. It is framed by a border of interlocking acanthus designs. English text above and below the map and on the verso tell of the travels of one George Barkley, a Merchant of London, whose travels took him to the four corners of the world. Interesting details such as the description of a piece of amber which contained the complete body of a frog are rendered in the text on both sides. The verso features a Hondius’ Map of Borussia, or Prussia.

Condition: This map is in A condition. Beautiful hand coloring with even toning.

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