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Carte de Duché et Pairie de Thovars dedie'e aTrès haut et très puissant prince Henri-Charles de La Tremoille by: Pierre Duval, 1660

1660 Carte de Duché et Pairie de Thovars dedie'e aTrès haut et très puissant prince Henri-Charles de La Tremoille

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By: Pierre Duval

Date: 1660 (published) Paris

Dimensions: 13.4 x 19.4 inches (34.04 x 49.28 cm)

This lovely decorative map features the duchy in Brittany of Henri de La Trémoille, who was the third Duke of Thouars, second Duke of La Tremoille, and Prince of Talmond and Taranto. The Duke was from the ancient, noble French house of Trémoille.

Few elite French families have survived for centuries and few have left private archives of any significant size. The House of Trémoille is distinguished on both counts. The family documented six centuries of their existence, leaving behind one of the largest private archives to be found in the history of France, with over two thousand pages in all.

This map features the Duchy in modern day Brittany of the Third Duke, officially inherited from his father in 1661. The Duchy covers a large territory in which cities, towns, settlements, castles, fortifications, churches and monasteries are all delineated pictorially and with toponyms. River systems and small forested areas are depicted.

The map is embellished with cartouches featuring extravagant heraldry, and a scroll style title cartouche. Legends within cartouches in the lower right provide information regarding the terminology and symbols used in the map, along with a distance legend.

Condition: The map is beautiful from a distance but has been damaged by poor repair work done to correct tears on either side. Due to this, the listed condition is C despite its lovely hand coloring and otherwise fine appearance.

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