Political Cartoon by Thomas Nast, from Harper's Weekly. "Home Sweet Home! There's No Place Like Home!

"Home Sweet Home! There's No Place Like Home!"

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By:  Thomas Nast

Date:  June 22, 1878

Size:  10 x 15 1/2 inches

This is a political cartoon print, from Harper's Weekly. "Home Sweet Home! There's No Place Like Home! Destroyer of All.  Home ties are nothing.  Family ties are nothing. Every thing that is--is nothing."

This cartoon depicts a dressed skeleton, with a hat and Communism banner across his chest. On his hat, is a button which says, "Free Love",   He appears to be consoling an elderly couple, holding a baby.  In front of the couple on the floor, is a hatchet, which apparently has be used to kill a small serpent.

Condition: Good


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